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Monday, April 03, 2006

Cherry Blossoms 2006

Cherry blossoms full-bloomed! It was so beautiful. I had a Hanami-party (flower viewing) with my friends this weekend. The flower viewing literally refers to only for cherry blossom viewing. Japanese like to have the party during April depending on the weather. How people enjoy Hanami-party is easy and simple. Have some drink with your friends outside by looking at cherry blossoms. I was concerned about the weather by the time of cherry blossoms full bloomed because it would affect the Hanami (flower viewing) season. It could delay or shorten the season. It was the best time season to have Hanami-party this weekend.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My eBay Store

To share more about Japanese stuff, I created my eBay own store. I will try to collect as many Japanese stuff as possible. My plan is to have Hello Kitty, Sushi Kits, Antique, Collectibles, Samurai stuff and more from your request! Please visit my store.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ikebana Pictures

The tall of this Ikebana was about 5"2'!!
How splendid Ikebana!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

How to eat Sushi 2

Soy sauce is a must item to use for sushi. I love using soy sauce enough but my Mom always scold me and said "Don't use say sauce that much and try to eat meals that are low in salt!" I cannot control myself not to use say sauce that much although I understand what my Mom said.

Let's introduce how people use say sauce from my obsevation here.

  • Enough say sauce is put in the saucer mixed with wasabi. It applies until the soy sauce is soaked in the rice. Use chopsticks to pick up sushi and eat it. Yummy! The problem is that if you take a little bit longer time to soak sushi in the rice, sushi becomes sloppy.
  • Same as above but apply say sauce just for a moment on the rice and eat sushi by using a hand.
  • Same as above but soak in sashimi-part not in the rice. This is easy to eat if you use a hand but a little bit advance if you do that with chopsticks. It may require a bit chopsticks skill.
  • Say sauce is dropped on sashimi-part and eat it with chopsticks or a hand.
  • Sushi without say sauce.

I like the first one. Which way you prefer?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

How to eat Sushi 1

I do love sushi. It is not too much to say that I cannot live without sushi. That is why I have started cooking sushi by myself because it is pricey. Cooking sushi is very fun because I can arrange sushi the way I like such as size of sushi and volume of sushi rice. Moreover, I do love eating. I cannot imagine how fun eating sushi that I made after cooking. Eating sushi with many people gives me a lot of entertainment. I have had many sushi parties at home and I came up with one question - how to eat sushi. Do you use chopsticks or use your hands?

From my observation, 87% of people use chopsticks and rest of 13% is their hands. The reason why? Most of chopstick user say that they don't like to have sticky hands after eating sushi. Asian people are used to use chopsticks for their meals. Therefore, they do not have hard time to use chopsticks. How about any other people besides Asia? If you are not familiar with chopsticks, it might be easier to use your hands to eat sushi. It is fast. However, if you could get a chance to go to Japanese or Asian restaurant, please try to use chopsticks one time which gives you a enjoyable challenge.

It was said that it would be a traditional way to use their hands to eat sushi but the time have been changing in terms of food culture, but as long as you are having fun to eat sushi, there is not such a rule how to eat sushi. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mt. Fuji - 富士山

My place of work is located at Roppongi Hills. It is getting nice weather in Japan. Spring has come in Roppongi!! The view from the office is very beautiful in every morning especially when it is blue sky. It is hard to tell how beautiful of the view from a picture but let me upload the picture!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ichiro 51

WBC - World Baseball Classic. I cannot imagine how many Japanese watched this game. Japan beat Cuba and gotta a title of "一番" (ichiban) I am not a baseball fan, but baseball is very popular in Japan somehow. I guess the reason why I know rule of baseball game at least is from my Dad. Everybody loves baseball game. It is one of great games to watch and enjoy for any generation in Japan. I could watch Ichiro's interview on the TV. I just came up with one word from his interview - "Never give up" Although it seems a tough situation to go, you can make it unless you give up. It is not too much to say that Ichiro could lead the team to victory.