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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bonsai - BON101

Look at this masterpieces! These pictures were taken at Mr. Kunio Kobayashi's nursery in Tokyo. His bonsais won prime minister award many times. I went to this Bonsai museum. This museum was built only to decorate the bonsai and invested one billion yen!! Wow! All bonsai in the museum were first-class bonsai. I could get a chance to talk with Mr. Kobayashi on the day I visited. He served me a green tea and taught me how to get started Bonsai101 - BON101. First step to get started is to water over the bonsai. I gotta bonsai from Mr. Kobayashi. What a nice present! I will let you know my progress of BON101 through this blog.


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