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Monday, March 27, 2006

How to eat Sushi 2

Soy sauce is a must item to use for sushi. I love using soy sauce enough but my Mom always scold me and said "Don't use say sauce that much and try to eat meals that are low in salt!" I cannot control myself not to use say sauce that much although I understand what my Mom said.

Let's introduce how people use say sauce from my obsevation here.

  • Enough say sauce is put in the saucer mixed with wasabi. It applies until the soy sauce is soaked in the rice. Use chopsticks to pick up sushi and eat it. Yummy! The problem is that if you take a little bit longer time to soak sushi in the rice, sushi becomes sloppy.
  • Same as above but apply say sauce just for a moment on the rice and eat sushi by using a hand.
  • Same as above but soak in sashimi-part not in the rice. This is easy to eat if you use a hand but a little bit advance if you do that with chopsticks. It may require a bit chopsticks skill.
  • Say sauce is dropped on sashimi-part and eat it with chopsticks or a hand.
  • Sushi without say sauce.

I like the first one. Which way you prefer?


  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger ql said…

    I am a Chinese Malaysian. I like shushi.
    I find that if I dip the rice part of the sushi in the soy sauce, the compacted rice would become seperated. Then one would made a mess of holding the sushi with one's fingers or chop-sticks.
    I prefer to dip it onthe sashimi-part.


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