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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sushi Lunch Box - Healthy Sushi

I would describe Tokyo as gourmet city like New York. There are many kinds of restaurants, cafes and delis which make me think what to eat at lunch time everyday. I bring lunch box every once in a while. I made Oinari-san, which is seasoned fried bean curd with stuffed rice. Oinari-san is a type of sushi and taste is like a little bit sweety. It is very easy to make oinarisan. Let's try!! You will be sushi-professional from today!! Here is my lazy sushi recipe.

  1. 1, Cook rice with rice cooker.
  2. 2, Use sushi-rice seasoning, stir lovely, and add some sesame if you like.
  3. 3, Stuff the sushi-rice into bean curd.

Sushi-rice seasoning - I usually use this vinegar powder to make sushi-rice because it is easy and delicious. It just mixes with warm rice. You will get sushi-rice in 3 min! How easy sushi is. You can get this delicious powder at any Japanese grocery store all over the world.


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